Tim Brady

A figurehead of Canadian new music, guitarist and composer Tim Brady premiered a new work on August 24, 2018. The result of a 2 weeks residency at the Centre d’Expérimentation Musicale, Méditation mobile/Calder Variations is a spatialized piece where the public is seated all around the ensemble of 13 musicians, divided into 5 groups, including an electric guitar quartet. Though a great deal of his repertoire is usually characterized by fast-paced, rhythmically challenging instrumental music, Brady admits that he also has great sympathy for a slower, softer, more transparent music based on simple, refined material, as conveyed by this new work. An immersive musical exploration, rich in color and tone, of which the structural cohesion is guaranteed by the collective synchronisation of the performers with a unified chronometer.

  • Tim Brady
    • Guitar
    • Composition
  • Antoine Simard
    • Double bass
  • Olivier Roberge
    • Assistant
  • Charles Côté
    • Marimba
  • Isabelle Harvey
    • Cello
  • Stéphane Beaulieu
    • Electric guitar
  • Caroline Tremblay
    • Voice
  • Robert Pelletier
    • Vibraphone
  • Sophie Barsanti
    • Flute
  • Bruno Chabot
    • Violin
  • Luc Beauchemin
    • Viola


Originally from the suburbs of Montréal, the very prolific composer and guitarist Tim Brady has more than one string to his axe and effortlessly transcends pre-established models, even in the open circles of creative music. Longtime lover of the electric guitar, which he discovered in the 70s on American television through the Beatles, he quickly broadened his musical horizons with the exploration of jazz, classical and contemporary music, whose combined influences led him to formulate the idea of ​​a lifestyle based on musical creation.


Enjoying unanimous recognition from his peers and the contemporary music audience, this innovative guitarist allows himself to intuitively welcome in his playing and in his compositions all sounds that he considers interesting, being freed from the limits dictated by the identification with a particular genre or any other stylistic consideration. 

Guided mainly by the intention to communicate with the public, he is recognized for his bright orchestrations, his sharpened dramatic sense in addition to being distinguished by his radical exploration of new guitar possibilities, as evidenced by the projects for 100, 20 and 4 guitars presented by his collective of electric guitars "Instruments of Happiness". Over the past thirty years, he has produced more than twenty titles, on labels such as Ambiances magnétiques and ATMA Classique, while expanding his repertoire of compositions by receiving numerous orders and performing pieces by major orchestras such as the Vancouver Symphony, the OSQ, Symphony Nova Scotia and the OSM, to name a few.