En-tête générique (contenus)

The Centre d'Expérimentation Musicale is also a production centre specializing in new music, with two large studios located in Chicoutimi’s downtown, in the premises of Touttout, a contemporary art production centre.

A recording studio of 650 square feet equipped with the latest technology includes a control room which is conducive to composition and mixing, a large acoustic live room, and a booth.

A large multipurpose room, Le Lab, which is also 650 square feet, is equipped with all kinds of musical instruments. Used as a place for recording, rehearsal and shooting, it also allows to present concerts for a lucky audience of about 40 people. The two rooms are linked together by a digital audio network.


  • PC Computer i7-6700k 32GB RAM
  • Lynx AES16e audio interface
  • 2x Genelec 8050B studio monitors
  • KRK ROKIT 10S subwoofer
  • Radial MC3 monitor controller
  • Audient ASP880 (8) preamp
  • TL Audio 5001 4-Channel Tube Mic Preamp
  • MIDAS DL16 (16 in / 8 out) preamp/converter
  • 88 notes MIDI controler keyboard (Korg Triton)
  • MOTU Micro lite 5x5 USB MIDI interface


  • MIDAS M32 console
  • MIDAS DL 16 digital snake
  • Behringer S16 digital snake
  • 4x Mackie SRM-450 powered loudspeakers
  • 2x Mackie HR824 studio monitors
  • PC computer i7-4790k 32GB RAM


  • 1x Neumann M147
  • 2x AKG C414 TL-II
  • 1x Avantone CK-40 (stéréo)
  • 2x Audio-Technica AT4033/CL
  • 2x Radial ProDI direct box
  • 2x DPA SMK4060
  • 1x Shure SM-57
  • 1x Audio-Technica AE2500
  • 3x Audix D2
  • 1x Audix D1
  • 1x Audix D4
  • 1x RODE NT-3
  • 1x Avantone CR-14
  • 2x Blue Encore 100i
  • 2x Blue Encore 200
  • 1x Shure Beta 58a
  • 2x Studio Projects C4

Musical instruments

  • Arturia Origin
  • KORG MS-2000
  • KORG SV-1
  • Several drumkits and percussions available
  • Serveral instruments could be borrowed to CEM members


  • 2x Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones
  • 4x Audio-Technica ATH-M30x headphones
  • Several headphone amps
  • Microphones booms and stands in quantity
  • A lot of cables
  • And many accesories