The project was born from experiments influenced by the "funeral doom" style, genre derived from "doom metal" which is characterized by the extreme slowness of its atmospheric pieces, mixing the heaviness of baritone guitars, vocal textures, synthesizers and slowed down drum patterns. Omnipresence is a work seeking to bring out mysterious concepts and entities buried deep within our consciousnesses, entities that allow us to cultivate a thought without doubt or questioned. Several ubiquitous themes will remain behind the many human strategists to indoctrinate peoples ...

  • Pascal Beaulieu
    • Electric guitar
    • Composition
  • David Simard
    • Machinery and electronics
    • Drums
  • Simon Lacoste
    • Vidéo
  • Dominic Simard
    • Machinery and electronics


Pascal Beaulieu is omnipresent on the Saguenay music scene. Composer and multi-instrumentalist, he has led a creative career for over twenty years: live music, short films, dance, theatre, creations, improvisations, lessons and productions. He has participated in countless projects as a musician, composer, director (more than 30 albums), musical director and arranger.

As a composer and sound designer, he has collaborated with filmmakers Alexandre Ruffin (Évanescence, Terre rompue, Un homme à la mer), Nicolas Lévesque (In Guns We Trust) and Philippe Arsenault (Dandurand cinquième, Mécanique humaine).

He has participated in over a hundred projects as a performer, composer, musical director and arranger. We saw him on stage alongside renowned artists like Marc Déry, Thomas Jensen, Rafael Zaldivar, Yannick Rieu, Pierre Tanguay, Jean Derome, Damien Robitaille, Joël Martel, Bernard Falaise and many others.