Olivier Tremblay

For his residency at the CEM, Olivier Tremblay's watchword was to push his composition to the limits of his knowledge, but above all to take the risk of experimenting and getting out of his comfort zone in order to generate new ideas, while being supported by our musicians and taking advantage of their experience to continue to build its musical identity. With irrational times, Olivier and his collaborators were able to explore some little-known possibilities of the complex metrics of progressive rock.

  • Olivier Tremblay
    • Bass
    • Guitar
    • Voice
    • Composition
  • Bruno Chabot
    • Violin
    • Mentoring
  • Naki
    • Bass
  • Marc-Antoine Mackin-Guay
    • Guitares
  • Gabriel Pearson
    • Keyboards
    • Synthesizer
  • Charles Thibeault
    • Drums

Graduated guitarist for a double-DEC in Art, Letters and Communication and Music at Alma College, Olivier Tremblay has a diverse background since he has trained in bass, piano, classical singing and jazz singing. He recorded for the Intro album, which he produced and directed, or even composed for an Unusual Fantasy surf-rock EP, all this ... at 19!

Having already participated in numerous performances in various projects, Olivier Tremblay qualifies himself as someone productive and creative since he composes regularly in several musical styles. His influences are numerous, but above all eclectic, including the jazz fusion of Frank Zappa, Trio of Doom (McLaughlin, Pastorius, Williams) or even Charles Mingus; to the works of classical composers such as Wagner or Stravinsky, to name a few.