Christian Carrière's residency project is formed around a little-known instrument, the Subharmonicon: a polyrhythmic synthesizer with six independent oscillators which allows the real-time spatialization of the sounds used. The largely improvised structure of this creation aims to highlight the peculiarities of this synthesizer in an immersive context that transcends musical styles with the musicians of the CEM.

  • Christian Carrière
    • Synthesizer
    • Modular synthesizer
    • Composition
  • Pascal Beaulieu
    • Machinery and electronics
    • Guitar
    • Lapsteel
  • Charles Gagnon-Gilbert
    • Bass
    • Double bass
  • Robert Pelletier
    • Percussion
    • Vibraphone

Christian Carrière is a sound artist and musician based in Montreal, part composer, instrumentalist and improviser. His work touches on sound design, experimental music and creative music. He is also interested in sound collage and 'semantic reworking', techniques that he uses in his contributions to his collaborators' conceptual art projects. He has released several albums, contributed soundtracks for independent films and created sound installations for gallery and museum projects. He has performed at the Mutek festival (2016 and 2018), the Suoni per il popolo festival (solo and with Quolibet) and in several venues in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa. In 2018, he created the 'Loop Loupe' concert series, showcasing musicians from different genres of music, who have in common the looping of sounds. His main collaborators are the microtonal improvisation duo Quolibet, the Chinese shadow artists Mere Phantoms, the experimental music group Interceiving, the artist collective CRUM (Montreal Urban Research Center), the artist Douglas Scholes and the Lanark Land Art Recording Group phonography collective