Kee Avil

During her residency at the Center d'Expérimentation Musicale, Kee Avil will bring new pieces to explore as an ensemble made up of string instruments. She is more interested in exploring sound textures that can come from these instruments, in combination with her usual approach of voice and guitar. Accompanied by her collaborator Zachary Scholes (who also co-produced her last album 'Crease'), Kee Avil will explore her new songs in a context of composition that meets improvisation, of melodies that meet the wall of sound.

  • Kee Avil
    • Voice
    • Composition
  • Zachary Scholes
    • Conception sonore
  • Guylaine Grégoire
    • Violin
  • Bernard Cormier
    • Violin
  • Isabelle Harvey
    • Cello
  • Antoine Simard
    • Double bass
  • Matthieu Gilbert-Thévard
    • Double bass


Originally from Montreal (QC), Kee Avil combines guitar, vocals and electronic production in songs that always seem on the verge of collapse. The abstract and the real intertwine; familiarity slips through an experimental vision. Kee Avil's debut album, 'Crease' released on Constellation Records in March 2022 and is his most structured work to date. Careful attention to texture inhabits each song and creates a unique, artificial atmosphere. The wet, the abrasive, and the delicate cohabit there, a solitary journey in a strange landscape. Kee Avil has toured the United States, Europe and Canada several times. She has performed at numerous festivals in Europe and North America, including À L’arme, Le Guess Who?, Pop Montreal, Suoni Per Il Popolo, the Vancouver International Jazz Festival and Guelph, among others.

Crédit photo : Lawrence Fafard