claire rousay

claire rousay is a singular artist, known for challenging conventions in experimental and ambient music forms. rousay masterfully incorporates textural found sounds, sumptuous drones and candid field recordings into music that celebrates the beauty in life’s banalities. Her music is curatorial and granular in detail, deftly shaped into emotionally affecting pieces. sentiment is a meditation of the poignant emotional terrains of loneliness, nostalgia, sentimentality, guilt, and sex. The album’s narrative arc is guided by delicate musical gestures and artistic vulnerability, audaciously synthesizing disparate and unexpected influences. rousay crafted the songs in various homes, bedrooms, hotels, and other private places, the feeling of time and energy spent alone radiating from each passage. The album is a collection of heart-rending, incisive pop songs that explore universal feelings with subtlety and remarkable vision.

Totalement Sublime

Totalement Sublime, composé de Élie Raymond et Thomas Bruneau-Faubert (ForeignDiplomats/Frais Dispo) ainsi que de Marc-Antoine Barbier (Choses Sauvages), naît d’une enviede créer en se donnant carte blanche. Le projet électro-pop peint des environnementscontemplatifs, traitant de sujets comme la fatigue, la chaleur ou encore la nostalgie. Ensemble,ils expérimentent des arrangements éclectiques, empruntant à la musique japonaise desannées 80 (Yasuaki Shimizu, Ryuichi Sakamoto) ainsi qu'à l'avant-garde new-yorkaise (PhilipGlass, Arthur Russell, Gray). Totalement Sublime, c’est aussi le nom d’une couleur “grège riche” de la compagnie Bétonel.